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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Afghanistan and the Corruption-Insecurity NexusFedayi, Abdul Hameed
2012Afghanistan in Transition Re-Assessing Counter Narcotic Strategy: External Lessons and ImplicationsOmar Zakhilwal, Hijrat
2013The Afghanistan-2014 Factor and the Change in Relations of the United States, Russia, and China Towards Central AsiaAkimbaeva, Begaiym
2013Aid Effectiveness and Reconciliation Process: The Impact of Osh Events (2010) on the Development of NGOsAbdirazakova, Guzal
2016All Parties are Equal, But Some are More Equal Than Others: Presidential Party Politics in Kyrgyzstan, 2010-2015Johnson, Ryan
2018‘America or Russia? Work or study?’: Shifts in Social and Political Attitudes of Central Asians Going Abroad —a Quasi-Experimental Design in KyrgyzstanMadanbekova, Gulbadam
2014An Analysis of Hezb-e-Islami's Behavioral Complexities in Post-Taliban Afghanistan: an Organizational ApproachJawed Nazari, Mohammad
2014Anti-Extremist Policies in Tajikistan: Hegemony Over Religion and ConsequencesBehruz, Gulnigori
2016Apple Value Chain Analysis in Uch-Korgon VillageSharafutdinova, Shakhnozakhon
2013Assessing Foreign Aid: A Benchmark Analysis of Kyrgyz Rural Aid-Recipients’ NarrativesLakhonin, Vassiliy
2019Assessing Maternal Health and Catastrophic Expenditure (Evidence from Logar, Kabul, Wardak, Nangrahar and Kapisa, Afghanistan)Stanikzai, Abdul Majeed
2013Assessing Sustainability: Looking Through the Development Project Results after It EndsNezami, Somaia
2014Assessment of Energy Security in TurkmenistanSamar, Elena
2019Assessment of Foreign aid Development Programs (SME Support Programs) in KyrgyzstanDzholoman kyzy, Rabiia
2017Barriers for Women’s Empowerment in Central Asia: Behind-the-Scene Role of Women in Transmitting Patriarchy: Narratives from KyrgyzstanAbdyldaeva`, Jyldyz
2019“Battlefield Telegram”: The Case of Securitization of Online Social Media Regulation in RussiaMuhamedov, Rustam
2011Bleaching out the Color: Kazakhstan’s Strategy Against Color Revolutions and Its EffectivenessMussabalina, Dinara
2014Broken Promises: Transitional Justice Versus State Building in Post Taliban AfghanistanJawid Hashemi, Sayed
2016Budget Transparency on the Local Level in the Republic of KazakhstanChikanayev, Tengiz
2018Building Afghanistan’s National Defense and Security Forces: International Involvement and CorruptionYasa, AbdulRahman