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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Local Experts’ Discourses and Framing of the Ethnic Tension Threats in Kyrgyzstan after the Osh EventsSzymanek, Marcin
2011Majority and Minority Tongues: Multilingual Education and Its Discontents in Central Asia – The Case study of KyrgyzstanKozubekova, Nazira
2011Partnership and Cooperation of European Union and Tajikistan on Border SecurityAlamshoev, Shervonsho
2011Path Dependency and the International Conferences on Afghanistan: From Bonn 2001 to Kabul 2010Javeed Ahwar, Ahmad
2011Islam and the State in Tajikistan: The Islamic Revival Party’s Secession from the Public CouncilOlimova, Shoira
2011The June Events in Southern Kyrgyzstan 2010 and Reaction of International CommunityAlieva, Anara
2011History Education as a Part of the Nation-Building Process: Changes of Turkmen National Identity in Post-Soviet TurkmenistanMamedova, Nazik
2011The Impacts of Political Corruption in KyrgyzstanDjunushev, Erlan
2011Democratization Process in Post-Conflict Period in TajikistanNazarbakht, Davlatbekova
2011Military Deployment in Central Asia: The Case of the Manas BaseAlymkulov, Daniiar
2011Iran and Russia in the Caspian Region: Competition or Cooperation?Hanova, Aygul
2011Bleaching out the Color: Kazakhstan’s Strategy Against Color Revolutions and Its EffectivenessMussabalina, Dinara
2011The Osh Events: Implications for Early Warning Theory and MethodologyBolotalieva, Raushan
2011Sacrificial Security Lamb: US perception of Central Asia in Lieu of the Global War on TerrorOmurkulova, Elnura
2011Whose Ombudsman? What Rights? Tajikistan’s National Human Rights Institution and the Virtuality of ActivitySanginova, Khafiza
2011Uzbek Labor Migration to Russia and Its Impact on Gender RelationsAyupova, Shakhnoza
2012Clash of Peacebuilding and Post-Conflict Democratization in the UN Peace Operations and Its Outcomes in Bosnia-HerzegovinaSadykova, Aliya
2012Feminist Critiques of Human Trafficking in Central Asia: Focus on KyrgyzstanKim, Liliya
2012The Impact of Gender Quotas on Women’s Political Empowerment in KyrgyzstanZakharchenko, Natalia
2012The Nature of the Collective Security Treaty Organization: Reforms and Their ImplicationsShukrikhudoeva, Nilufar