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Title: Remittances and Food Security in Families Left Behind: Evidence from Kyrgyzstan
Authors: Rajabova, Sanobar
Keywords: Remittances
Life in Kyrgyzstan Survey 2019
Issue Date: Dec-2021
Abstract: This work analyses the effect of remittances on food security between the households receiving remittance and ones do not receive remittances. I test the impact of remittances using Life in Kyrgyzstan Survey 2019. There are a number of researches done to investigate the link between remittances and food security in African countries as access and diet of food is major problem in these countries. I would like to find out how remittances contribute food security status in Kyrgyzstan with quantitative research using Ordinary Least Square Model and quantile regressions. Result of 25 kcal higher consumption of calories in remittance receiving families evidences on higher access to food, whereas higher consumption of macro and nutrients implies betted diversity and quality of food. Surprisingly, results also show that household from high-consumption groups benefit most from remittance receiving compared to households of low-consumption groups.
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