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Title: “Silent” Members of Civil Society and Social Capital: How Faith-Based Organizations Foster State-Society Relations in Developing Democracy in Kyrgyzstan
Authors: Abdyramanova, Asel
Keywords: Faith-based organizations
State-society relation
Issue Date: 2014
Abstract: This research studies activities of “silent” civil society members as religious organizations and faith-based organizations from the perspective of social capital concept and analyzes to what extent the social capital generated by these organizations become a constructive resource in fostering state-society relations in developing democratic state. For this purpose, research provides four case studies of one religious organization, one business association, one charity foundation, and one youth foundation operating in Kyrgyzstan. Adep Bashaty Public Progressive Foundation is registered as religious organization; Association of Young Entrepreneurs is a business association operating on membership fees, Elim Barsynby? Charity Foundation deals with poverty reduction through charity activities, and Iyik Ata-Jurt Public Youth Foundation is a youth organization which supports youth and education. The research provides evidence that these organizations separately and as well as in network generate multiple forms of social capital. The goal is to explore how these multiple of forms social capital may be applied for better civic engagement in democratic society. Conducing comparative analysis of forms social capital generated by each faith based organization and studying their political implications for state, democracy, and wider religious community in Kyrgyzstan research concludes that faith-based organizations have potential for improving civic engagement in developing democracy. Such is possible, if and only if, generated social capital will be applied in favor of all, without externalities and accommodating interests of all.
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